Spring tooth chisel plow


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So I have been on the hunt for a spring tooth chisel plow, but anything that had a good price was gone before I got there and everything else was more then I wanted to spend.

So I have run across two that are in my price range but are a seven hour round trip.
One is like OkieKubota's which has an angle iron frame and the other is a tubular frame, similar prices.

I know when we talk discs it was said that a tubular frame one is stronger. Does the same run true for the spring tooth chisel plows? The ground I am working with is rock and broke my tiller last year.

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My ground is flint rock and very hard. Only issue I have had is I broke a lower lift peg where the lower lift arm attaches to the implement. I replaced both of these and it seems to be working great again. I couldn't even work my plots at all up on the hollow until I got this and now it is a game changer!

Word of advice is to go slow when pulling. Also make sure it is an actual spring tooth chisel plow and not an S or C tine cultivator...actual chisel plows will have dual heavy duty springs on the side of each ripper.
Also lots of moving parts on one of these so check the wear and check for any cracks in it before you purchase.
This is the one I am most interest in as it has the tubular frame. It just needs a weld on the right arm for the top link support. Meeting the guy tomorrow after he gets off work. It will be a long day with about seven hours in the truck so I hope it checks out. 7T Spring tooth chisel plow.jpg
That is a different spring setup than mine has, but I am sure it will work great. It looks sturdy
This is the one I am most interest in as it has the tubular frame. It just needs a weld on the right arm for the top link support. Meeting the guy tomorrow after he gets off work. It will be a long day with about seven hours in the truck so I hope it checks out. View attachment 8639
That looks like a Brady chisel.
Bought a ten footer in Iowa back in the spring.
Hope I.don't regret it but mine is the solid shank.
The tines are about three feet long top to bottom.
Wanted one like Okie's but could not find one at the right price.
What are they asking on that unit?
Depending on what you're pulling it with I don't think you'll ever be able to put it deep enough to worry about either one.

We pull a 13 or 14 (can't remember) IH pull type chisel with a 160hp FWA and work the guts out of it and haven't broke it yet. I may be wrong but usually springs setup like that are for tripping if you hit a rock or something

On a disk, the tube frame adds weight which helps it cut, the chisel will pull itself onto the ground.

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The guy is asking $700 and it needs one weld at the right support arm for the top link which he said he will do.
My tractor is only 30hp so I figured a seven tooth was about it versus a 9 tooth. I know the one like OkieKubotas can be had for around $1,000 new plus shipping and in hindsight I should have ordered one, but now I am up against the clock.
I have an angle iron one. 5 shank. It's all my 35 hp tractor can pull but buddy, let me tell you, I can tear up jack with that thing. I always use it to bust up the ground before I disk. I have a nine shank as well but my tractor won't pull it (matter of fact, mine won't pull it when I take two off and make it a seven). We use my buddy's 54 horse for that and it's a workout. I can say with what I put mine through, I don't see any need for a tubular steel frame. It'll just put more weight and strain on your tractor. Just my thoughts.
I see the other 2 now...check it out good! BTW the frame is not the weak point on these. It is all the moving parts in the chisel assembly...as has been mentioned they don't need weight because the chisel will suck it into the ground. You could pull a 9 point with 30 hp and 4wd if it is a heavier tractor. I can't remember what model Kubota you have but my L3830 pulls mine fine with industrial tires even...Slow and steady and raise the chisel when turning in Rocky ground. I plow to the end of the field, lift the implement, turn completely and then drop the implement and head back the other way.
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CTM, a new one runs 1k or less for a 7 at Everything Attachments (delivered). For what it's worth, I'm real happy with their products.(disc and cultipacker). Also, I'm doubtful Evil Orange would even pull a 5 shank.... I'd talk to EA before buying.
My 38 HP pulls a 9 shank...


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FYI the man typing this is an IDIOT!!!!
Made a seven + hour round trip and dropped $60 in gas for nothing because CTM1 is an idiot.

I got on the road at 1pm and got to the guys place a 4pm. Doing 85 to 90 on 476 down through PA shaved off time. It was all for nothing though as the guy could not get off work until 5pm so I just sat in his driveway for an hour. As we walked around the back of the barn I saw the plow and let out an audible OH CRAP as it was HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE. It was 8.5' long and just over 6' wide and it stood at over three feet from the bottom of the tines to the top. The guys pulls it with a 100 hp tractor and he said when he goes up a hill the front wheels get light. I seriously thought about buying it anyway and then flipping it for more money but he and I realized to load it in the back of my pickup was way to hairy.

Well it was another lesson in life and now I know to ask more questions about size. For some reason I just figured a 7T would be fine and never thought to ask anything else. I blame you guys for no posting what you did until after I left to go look at it;).

The other plow I was considering turned out to be to bent. Thankfully that stop only took two minutes to see and say thanks but no thanks..

Sad part is just another half hour down the road there was a dealer that was selling the style that OkieKubota has, they had 9T and 5T types but they were closed.by the time I wrapped up looking at the big one.