Equipment Trailer Repair/upgrade


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I have a 10K Carry-on equipment trailer I purchased new back in 2007. Here is a pic of a new one:


It is fine for my DK45 and implements. It is slightly overloaded when towing my JD35G, but it handles well. I have a old large Woods RM990 mower. It is a very tight fit. If I get the tractor positioned just right and rotate the wheels on the RM990, I can just fit it on the trailer. Over the years, with such a tight fit, the rear fenders have been crushed. I just pounded them out enough that they don't touch the tires and lived with it.

I was recently loading the 35G and it began to slip a little on the loading ramps. When I reacted, it angled it slightly and one of the tracks just crushed my one rear fender beyond repair. I had to cut part of the fender off to keep it from interfering with the tire. The remaining fender was too loose to drive with. I had to screw it to a 2x6 and use some L brackets to affix the 2x6 to the trailer floor as a temporary fix to make it useable, but this won't last.

We have had too much rain to do outdoor work lately and the forecast doesn't look good for the rest of the week. So, I started a repair/upgrade today.

My plan is to replace the rear half of the fender with angle iron strong enough for the RM990 wheels to sit on without damage. Today, I pulled the trailer into the barn and removed my temporary fix. I used an angle grinder to cut off the entire rear half of that fender, so the remaining fender only covers the wheel on the front axle. Next, I used a flapper disc in an angle grinder to prep the metal on that side of the trailer for welding. I began to cut the first few pieces of 1 1/2" x 3/16" angle iron. That is the thickness of the stud pocket metal. The frame may be 1/4". I'm hoping they are close enough in thickness for me to weld. I'm a real novice at welding, but I'm going to give it a try.

I did not take any pictures today as there is not much to see. I hope to take pictures as I go tomorrow. My welder was setup for aluminum with a spool gun. I got it setup for metal again before I left this afternoon.
We had one just like that and I got tired of the ramps
I haven't had any issues with the ramps. I need the heavy duty ramps with the weight of the tractor and excavator. I like them because I can slide them in if I'm transporting a smaller tractor, UTV or even ATV. What issue do you have with them?
I forgot to take a picture before I started, but I did take a few along the way.


This picture shows the first few pieces. I extended the new fender out beyond the tire, the original did not fully cover the tire. I welded on that extension and the first angled piece along the side of the trailer. I positioned it so I had about 1" of clearance at the closest place to the wheel. The second angled piece is clamped on and I'm trying to get the same angle in this picture.


In the picture above, I've welded on all of the angle iron for the inside of the new fender. I also welded on the first angled piece of the outside of the new fender to match the angle of the inside. Finally you can see the horizontal piece I welded on sticking out between the wheels


In the picture above you can see I've added the the outside top and front vertical pieces.


The picture above shows the cover slats added. This will keep any equipment (my RM990 wheels specifically) from hitting the tire.


The final picture above shows the project with all the welding complete. You will notice that I've removed the wheel. This was my first try at Rosette-like welds. I drilled holes through the fender, both on top where I extended the bracing under the fender, and along the side where the fender meets the side of the trailer. I welded through the holes to get enough molten metal to affix the old front part of the fender to the frame and supports. You can see I added the last cross brace to the top and put a flat under the old part of the fender.

My plan tomorrow is to paint it, put the wheel back on, and do cleanup.
You aren't putting sheet metal over the new fender? Why wouldn't you just refabricate the entire fender?
You aren't putting sheet metal over the new fender? Why wouldn't you just refabricate the entire fender?

I certainly could do that and I did think of it. I don't really thing it buys my much. I'm certainly not worried about splashing equipment with mud or water in my use. I functionally need to protect the wheel from equipment and I think the structure does that. It it plenty solid enough to take the weight of the RM990 behind my tractor.

Other than looks, if you can think of a functional benefit of adding sheet metal, I'll reconsider it.
The wheels are pretty far forward for that. It is probably actually better protection than the original as the tires stuck out past the fenders. I guess that is probably a consideration though.
Well, I got it painted and the wheel back on today. I didn't bother to take a picture since it looks the same, just black now.