New transom in old boat


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First, let me say I was not smart enought to take pictures of the actual build. Sorry about that ! I bought this 1976 model Lowe Hustler, a 1648, to fish in my pond. Along the way I thought it might be a good idea to replace the rotted transom since the boat was otherwise in good condition.

So.....I measured what the dimensions of a new transom would be, took it to a welder who removed the corner gussets and the rail on top of the transom. This had to be done in order to slip the new transom in place. Next, I drew out the shape X2 on a piece of 3/4” treated plywood. X2 because the transom is 1.5” thick. I cut those out with my skilsaw and took the rough out with a hand grinder. Next, I epoxied the inside surfaces and let them dry. The next day I spread liquid nails over both epoxied surfaces then clamped and screwed them together. The next day I epoxied one side of the new transom board, waited a day and did the other side. After it dried I tapped the transom board into place with a rubber mallet. It was ready for the welder.

The welder installed the corner gussets and a new, heavier top rail. I secured four stainless bolts, nuts, and washer to bolt through the transom and the brace from the bottom of the boat. I used inch and a quarter lag bolts with washers around the bottom and sides. This boat is now ready for an outboard.

While the boat was at the welder, I’m looking for an outboard in the 30 to 40hp range. Scarce as hen’s teeth unless you’re looking for one that’s 30 years old. So....I find the boat, motor, and trailer that’s in my “Bought a new boat” thread at a really good price and decide that’s the way to go. So now I have two boats ! But son says he wants the old boat and I name a price, he’s good with it, and I now have to give up the boat that I worked so hard on. :( That’s ok though, he’s close.........