Spartan GoCam ( Verizon)


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Do you guys ever suspend your Verizon go cams when its out of season? I though it was something you could do, start it ,stop it when you wanted. $5.00 a month to have service , Verizon tells me 10.00 a month to suspend it. You do the math!!! You guys have the same problem or was it just the person I had on the phone not know anything about this service?

Sorry, no experience with this camera, but I do have experience with Verizon. They are such a PITA. I would call back and keep calling back until you talk to someone who isn't a moron or go to a Verizon store and talk to someone in person.
All mine are att. Now they have a 12 month plan so I just opt for it and keep them going all year. I enjoy the cell cams so much, no more than it cost I want them going all the time.