Sick of rain on east coast?

We’ve had plenty of rain the last couple weeks but are still below average.... Crossing my fingers for the rest of the summer.
Had 5-8 inches in 4 hours past sun. Then another 6 thru the wk. I gambled w weather forecast 3 wks ago w my brassica planting and won w rains ever since planting!! Thankgoodness no tillage or I would’ve had no soil or seed left.
Won’t complain tho as last yrs brassica planting hit drought of absolutely not a shower from aug-oct. Seeds never stood a chance even w notill.

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I'll trade ya dry weather for some rain. We are at 20" for the yr and a ways behind average.

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Yeah, it's pretty tough around here. Burn bans in all counties around me. We have rain in the forecast but they usually take it out a day or two before it's supposed to happen.
Last 4 years I've planted between August 1 and sept 1. Each time we had good, consistent rain up to the day of planting, then one rain after to germinate seed, then nothing for 6-8 weeks. Hopefully this year will be different. At least I got some good tractor seat time, I guess.
Funny how messed up things seem. Earlier this year - I was worried about having to plant rice patties..... Now we have fall behind in the rain department.... Rains when we are trying to plant.....and then gets dry when we are trying to get things to grow! And then when it does rain - we will get for too much far too fast!
Send it this way, I'm having to turn on water again for the crops, as cheap as prices are I hate pumping water, but were at the critical grain fill time so it has to be done. At $15/hour its really hurts the wallet pumping $2.50 diesel onto $3.25 corn.
Last week I got 6" of rain in about 1 to 1 1/2 hours. Most of my plots are along the bottoms and the creeks overflowed into nearly all of them. Now I wonder if all the work and money-fertilizer and lime- just washed down the creek. I'm just outside Lynchburg where we nearly had a dam fail from all the rain.Worst part for me was that I had just killed a waning red clover plot and had disced preparing for some radishes. Lost more than fertilizer and lime out of that one. Never leave bare ground became real for me last week.
Farmerdan, looks like things worked out for ya!
JohnRay, that stinks! I lost a bunch of topsoil off my fields in '09 or '10. Since then I've been very careful to minimally till. I just scratch the surface with my disc now.
Feel for you guys whose plots are next to creeks. All mine are on 12% slopes so I only have to worry about stationary storms, not floods.

I got a half inch on farm last night so germination should be taken care of. We'll see if these rains continue.