Finally Done !


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I planted my last plot for the season yesterday with the help of my best friend. It’s also the biggest plot I have. This is on my son’s lease that he asked me to join this year, and even though I hardly needed another spot to hunt, I could very well in the future. The other lease I’m on is due to be clear cut in the next year or two and I will need another spot then. I’m too old to wait it out for a year or two, and the owners may not let us keep our food plots. No food plots, no worky for me ! This was an old oilfield drill site, so in was approximately a 300’ X 300’ area. It had three multiflora rose “thickets” on it which I pushed off into the edges with my tractor. I was really careful in that, because I didn’t know if there might be a well head or a meter run hidden in it. That stuff was 6’ to 8’ tall ! Luckily, everything had been removed and I didn’t have to work around that crap. There are a few trees in it, but I trimmed the limbs far enough that my tractor cab cleared them and just worked around them. I planted mostly straight Elbon rye, but part of it has crimson clover broadcast on top as I already had the seed. I did take a soil test, but I haven’t sent it off, will do that tomorrow. I put down 300 lb. of pellitized lime and the same amount of triple 13 as a “Hail Mary” and the soil test will determine where I go from here. In East Texas that’s usually lots of lime, but I’ll put that out in bulk with a buggy. Now, I need a rain !IMG_2137.jpeg
I visited that food plot today to work on my blind a little. I had lots and lots of rye about two inches tall. If I don’t get some rain soon though, it’s not gonna be good !
Took another pic today as I was sorta in the neighborhood (and just couldn’t resist). I’m pretty happy with the coverage. We are forecast rain for three days beginning next Wednesday and we can surely use it. IMG_2173.jpeg
After a nice rain the plot looked like this last Saturday. I haven’t hunted it yet, I’m kinda leaving it to my son and our friend for the first couple weeks while the deer find my rye. 😁IMG_1761.jpeg
Looks like you off to a good start with the food plot. Now if the critters will like it, you will get meat in the fresser.
The deer have been in my plots ever since the rye and oats was 4 or5 inches tall. Your plots look to be close to that height now. It might take a while before all the deer decide if it is good enough for them to eat, but when they do, you might have more than you want.
The day after I posted I hunted that plot. I saw only three deer that morning, a button buck and his momma, and a buck I would have shot had he not been behind some trees and an empty feeder that my son brought up there in case I wanted it. He chased the doe into the woods and I didn’t see him again. I had something I had to do that afternoon and couldn’t hunt and the wind has been wrong for that stand ever since. We seldom have any NE winds but we’ve had them consistently for the last few days and forecasted for the next few. Nearly all my stands are virtually unhuntable right in the middle of the rut 😡

Here is a picture from one of my cameras on the plot. IMG_0137.jpeg
Looks like that plot gets plenty of use. The rut is winding down here. First week of Nov had the most activity so far here. I took a shot at a doe last night and cleanly missed! Good Luck!