Rowdy and Heidi

Brush, you have two more very special and adorable little dogs. It is awesome to see how such young pups natural take to tracking. This is where great breeding pays off. Watching Heidi navigate a check (turn), and seeing how she already knows to correct herself is priceless. Folks, this 12 week old pup kept herself from being drawn down a worn deer trail in favor of keeping on a tracking line!
Breeze is 13 weeks old and ready for the real thing!

The track is down the edge of the yard in this pic.

Then the track took a 90 degree turn into heavy brush, and Breeze didn't miss a beat!

Breeze found her reward in minutes, and Breeze is only 13 weeks old!!!
Did Heidi get left out? Breeze is a good looking pup. I bet that shorter coat of hair will be less trouble.

Your kennel of dogs will be top notch. I thought about Mattie's bark collar today when I saw a dog down the street going nuts.

Matty thinks the bark collar is also the shocking collar for the underground fence, so it does double duty.. That bark collar may have saved Matty's life, and it definitely made life more peaceful.

Heidi got left out of the picture taking this time, but she is maybe my best dog. So far Heidi tracks slow and doesn't miss any scent. One more female and a male will complete the pack, for a total of three intact females, a male and Elkie, who is spayed. That's 5 tracking dogs, so there will always be fresh dogs.