Brushpile's Tracking Pack

What a fun read! Brad, you have such a fun and rewarding hobby going, I see how it could even take precedence over your hunting time in the woods. As I've already said, if we have a hard time on a trail in the future, we'll be calling, BEFORE we grid search. Could you send me you phone number in a PM? We are located near Coffeyville, KS, if that's too far, I understand.

I drive through Coffeyville, KS on my way to track West of there. Call 910 547 9143 if you need help tracking. I would rather track a deer than shoot one, though I'll be hunting to give my dogs tracks to get them fired up for tracking season.
I post videos on Facebook under, "Deer Tracking Dog". One of Breeze's pups passed UBT2 at 6 months, and could have passed sooner but was delayed by the COVID scare. I've had several owners call and ask if it was normal for an 8 week old puppy to run an 80 yard track. Videos of those puppies are on "Deer Tracking Dog".

I currently have a dog being bred that should produce Christmas puppies, and am taking deposits now.
Success at last! More pics to follow in time.

I just returned from visiting one of the greatest outdoorsmen in Wisconsin. This pic is of a few of his arrows. His basement is like a museum, with over 1300 deer sheds and 300 moose sheds.

I hope to also be able to post pics of "The Brushpile". There is still much to be done to ensure the trees I planted become the dominent trees.

Moose sheds. He has an amazing dog that can find even find old Moose Sheds underground, that he restores and turns into art.20200812_093459.jpg
My buddy has every bait imaginable, shelves and dozens of tackle boxes full of lures, but we caught most of the fish on this homemade plug he calls the, "Mouse-a-reno!
On Thursday morning I received a call from a hunter who had just shot his first buck. The buck was shot at 7:45 A.M., and I arrived about 11:30. Post shot was handled perfectly by the hunter, who watched the deer's reaction, direction of travel and after searching maybe 20 feet and seeing no sign, called for a dog.
So at 11:30 the hunter and his buddy were standing over the hit sight with me, trying to solve a mystery. You see, the hunter was shooting a 72 pound compound bow with a fixed blade, lighted nock, and didn't get a pass through... yet he heard a thump and saw the arrow sticking out of the buck, well behind the ribs. Something had stopped that arrow, and the hunter insisted that the arrow entered below the spine.
With a gut shot I know to wait 8+ hours, and explained that in detail to the hunter, but the temperature was becoming a concern. The hunter wanted to find his deer sooner than later, so we began tracking with UBT2 Breeze, and Breeze thought that was a good idea!!!!
There were two buck together when the hunter shot and they ran off together. Breeze was on the track and pulling like a freight train, in the direction the hunter saw the two bucks travel. About 100 yards in we found the slightest amount of blood. 100 yards and no blood later I carried Breeze back to last blood and restarted her. This time she veered to the right and blood confirmed she was on it! We traveled about a half mile, crossed a road and into heavy cover and made the recovery. High 5's and smiles all around!!!
The buck was broadside, but the arrow had angled into a hind leg, so not waiting resulted in the meat being fresh.