Prayers and well wishes to THE LLC,

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Got a txt last night from THE LLC, that he is in hospital recovering from a heart attack. Hope he doesn't mind me posting this on here. Txt says he's doing well and should be home today. Had a stent put in. He's become a good friend thru the old QDMA forum and now this one over the years and showed me how to graft last year. Let's all let him know we're thinking about him and praying for a great recovery.
Having been through the same thing about 4 years ago, I can sympathize. Know that any heart attack is serious but with care and moderation, you can get back to doing the things you love. Best of wishes and prayers for our friend.
Thanks AC don’t mind at all. Thanks guys. Happened at the farm but was able to get back to the hospital near home. Had no reason to believe it was anything more than bad gas. Shocked me and my doctor. But the stent was done yesterday and there was apparently no damage to heart function. Just a little scary. God was with me. I could, and still can, feel his presence. Pray for me and my family as we adjust. Son is gonna have to do a lot more tree planting now soon as the ground thaws. LOL. Love you guys.

So glad you got medical care in time to avoid any loss of ability or heart function. Will include you in my prayers. Good to hear your son will be planting your trees when the ground thaws.

Be a good patient and follow the doctor's advice so you can enjoy better health. God Bless.

Prayers sent to you and your family LLC. Sounds like you are in your way to a speedy recovery. I’m sure your son will take care of your place well during your recovery.

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Wow glad things worked out LLC. We jst never know. Get well soon. Glad u are ok. Prayers

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Glad you're ok and wishing you a speedy recovery.

Doc have you doing any adjustments? Change in diet? Take up running?
Glad to hear there was no heart damage. You're a lucky man! Good luck on your recovery. Take it slow and as mentioned do what the Doc says. Better days ahead for you. Prayers and well wishes headed your way!
I'm home! Yay!! My plans and dreams about what to plant or clear next helps clear my mind in these foggy times. Thank God for a wholesome hobby.
Glad you are home and recovering. Take doctors advice. Prayers for you, my friend!
Glad everything worked out,as we all get older we need to pay attention to these signs.Use your phone and get help coming to you.i have seen these blockages make it where you wern't driving anywhere