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This fellow i know decided that he's too old to keep jumping up on the bed of his pickup truck to get his stuff. And jumping back down is often where he says the real damage is done. So I'm experimenting with a few methods to reach tools and hunting gear on the back of an 8' bed for him. Simple, cheap, lazy, and fast are the parameters that my client is demanding. And those words describe him pretty well. I think the hardest person I've ever worked for is myself. Allen
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I bought a boat hook for $37.99, and two J-hooks for 12.98, the boat hook extends to 13' so it also works great to knock down wasp nests.
Since I bought the J-hooks on amazon of course they had chinese threads, and I don't like metric anyway, so I rethreaded them to 3/8"X16 and rebolted them back on the brackets. The second time was the charm and the results were to my liking.
So, if you meet the criteria of having $50, and a tap& die set, and own a Ford pickup that has those handy brackets, and don't have any 10 yr olds that love jumping up and down, and need a way to get your gear off the back of your truck, this may be just the thing for you. Otherwise, sorry for wasting your time.