Poor Man's Loading Ramp


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I am always trailering my tractor from home to the farm. I do not leave it in one place very long because of items being lifted. So there is lots of loading and unloading. I have some handy ramps that are stored in the trailer, but I decided that a built ramp would make life a lot easier.

So, I used the tiller and front end loader and went to work.
First create a depression the length of the trailer and pile dirt for entry point.


Back trailer into place and level the dirt at the ramp entrance.


And we are ready to go:


Still to come: With used 4x4s and 2x6s build a half box to hold the dirt in place and stop point for trailer.
Pack dirt.
I have one of those naturally on our Home 10 in a depression and everywhere else I just use the FEL to load on my steel trailer by driving up to the trailer from behind and put the bucket flat on the trailer and using the FEL to raise the front tires up over the back of the dovetail and then just drive forward sliding the FEL until front tires are on the trailer and then I raise the FEL, the back just climbs right up on it's own...
I like it. before i bought ramps to load my atv in my truck i had a ditch near the house that worked great.
I'll be curious if the depression causes pooling or mud issues. I want to do similar but build up instead of dig down. I've got some old railroad ties to frame it.
I just lift the front end of the tractor with the bucket and drive on. Gets the back end of the truck a little squirrely but it works.
Lak- will you be changing the name of a nearby stand to the loading dock or open air terminal field?
Having a loading dock makes the unloading task so pleasant. It would be good to keep the vegetation sprayed around the side after the boards are up; that will lessen the chance of naming it the Bees Nest Spot.