Planting LC Rye Mix early?


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I have been planning to plant LC Rye Mix (when I can) on August 13 near Eau Claire, WI.

Looking ahead, I'll be up there next Saturday 8/6. Forecast shows rain on Monday and chances the Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday after. I know it's early, but let's pretend that forecast holds --

Would you plant a week early to take advantage of those rains or still wait another week and just see what happens? Archery opens 9/17 and first frost date is 9/28 up there. I know the risk of planting Rye/Oats early as far as palatability but I also have peas, radish and clover mixed in.

Planting into standing buckwheat, lightly discing larger seed and mowing.
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I suppose the other side of this is that -- not only am I planting it early, but in this scenario (with the rain), I'd be getting it off to a fast start. It's not like I'm getting it in the ground early but waiting a week or whatever for germination. It'll be up very quick, maybe too quick.
Here in zone 4b with a near identical first frost, I've found labor day is ideal. I think you run the risk of their turning rank and starting to go to seed.
I would say it may work out well, especially if your deer really begin hitting the plot and keep it naturally "mowed" back.. If you feel that the the growth is too much you could always mow it back prior to the start of your season. Your season starts in about 45 days. Guess it would depend on if or when they, the deer, transition to your plot
I try to get mine in during labor day weekend - or the last of August to the first of September. All depends on rain. Season starts October 1 and I like one month of growth on the plots. So if that is your best chances of rain I'd plant a week early and take advantage of the rain.
Labor day is the best bet. I planted early last year in 2 plots. One plot was where there was not much for the deer to eat and it did fine. The deer kept the oats and rye in the plot clipped short and were in it all season. The second plot had other plots in the area that the deer were in. The LC mix grew awesome and went past the stage of being palatable to the deer by archery season, the oats and rye were about 18 inches tall and they never touched it, even with the peas, clover and radishes in it. Deer didn't use it but it is also a soil builder so it wasn't a total loss. So there are variables and planting early may work out ok. Labor day is ideal and although I have planted early, I have actually had better luck planting late, up to the third week in September.
I live 500 miles from my plots, so they get planted when I'm there. One year, the only time I could get there was right around 7/25, so that's when the LC rye+4 mix got planted. Deer kept it mowed, like they always do, and the plot was great all the way into winter. The rye, clover and chicory all did great the following year.

I consider 8/15 optimal for your area, so 8/6 is only a week early. In my experience, you can plant the LC mix early to take advantage of a likely rain event, or you can plant it late and risk not getting a good rain until there's only 2-3 weeks before the frost hits. Which is the greater risk? To me, planting a little early is WAY less risky than planting late.
What is the ideal time for planting this mix? I am planting a few hundred miles north of h80hunter I figured I'd put it in next week.
Last year I planted the first week in August because I was getting ready to bait for bears. The oats headed out. I was fine with that as it left behind a lot of residue covering the soil for the winter. The deer seemed to still use the plot, just not in numbers, compared to years past when I plated late august. Needless to say I am planting the last week in august again. ( Rain or shine)
They sure like the new growth come the middle of September.
Update: we planted it Sunday 8/7. Soil reasonably moist under the first 1 of pretty dry sandier topsoil. Mowed buckwheat and lightly tilled into top 2" on Saturday. Broadcast oats, peas, rye into tilled soil, lightly dragged, packed with tractor tires. THen broadcast clover and radish and packed again with tires. They're supposed to get 1-2" of rain tomorrow (8/11) which, provided it doesn't come all at once, should get this off the a solid start.

The early week rain dried up but I was targeting 8/15 to plant up here, so 8/7 with a nice rain on 8/11 shouldn't hurt too much. I'll let you know how the growth is.
Well, it got 2.3" of rain last night and the forecast is 1-2" of rain tonight. It was pretty dry there (only 0.3" in the week before) and the soil drains well. I'm assuming this may wash a little, but should be a good thing? Soil is sandy loam and drains pretty well.

They both have a slight slope to them, so ahouldnt pool any water, but not sure if seed will run downhill of planted shallow and packed?

I'll know within a week I imagine.
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I threw some around the edges of some brassica plots I got planted on July 31st. Pretty early for northern Ohio but I bet the deer will keep it short. Besides, I have another 1 to 2 acres of rye and oats to plant at the end of the month.