Native Hunter 2023 Apples

I'm going to continue this thread into 2024, because I will likely have some new varieties this year that were not covered last year. Today I took note of this Virginia (Hewe's) Crab that is in full bloom. This variety is said to be Thomas Jefferson's favorite cider apple. This tree started out kind of slow, but appears to now be hitting its stride. Stay tuned and I will be reporting back with some new varieties soon.
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For the first time in several years I'm seeing fireblight on some of my apple trees. The weather has been perfect for it. So far it hasn't been severe, but I thought it would be worth giving information on a few trees:

Brushy Mountain Limbertwig - This is one of the worst, but it is still going to bear a good crop of apples. I can see the FB going into at least 2 year old wood on several limbs. This tree has had FB in the past, but it has been several years.

Milam - About the same as tree above.

Franklin Cider - This one is about equal to the tree above but is a younger tree. I've seen a little FB on this tree the last three years.

Striped June - This one is a surprise, because it has been totally clean in the past. It appears to only be going into this year's growth on a few limbs. The tree is still going to bear a big crop despite the FB.

Summer Champion - Same report as Striped June.

30-06 Crab - Minor to moderate but not enough to stop fruit production.

Freedom - Very minor. Only a few limbs barely affected.

Caney Fork Limbertwig - Very minor. Huge crop of apples this time.

Several trees that flowered and fruited but with no signs of FB - Yates, Myer's Royal Limbertwig, Hewes, Priscilla, Sundance, Arkansas Black, Dolgo Crab, Big Dog Crab, Turning Point, Sweet November, Sonofcal, King David.... The reason I mentioned flowering and fruiting is that I have never seen a tree get FB that didn't flower. I'm not saying it is impossible - just that I have never observed it.

Something Interesting - Not a single pear has even had one limb affected. This includes a Bartlett that was sent to me by mistake once.

I'm sure I'm leaving out some and may update this later on after I make another trip to the farm.
What can you do about fire blight ? I’m totally ignorant about apples, hardly anybody grows them here.

You can spray streptomycin at bloom time and have a good chance of preventing it. However, the timing is critical, because once the infection starts, the spraying is too late. That's what professional growers generally do. I'm a no spray guy, so I just try to plant cultivars that are resistant to it. As you can see, I do have some varieties that are moderately susceptible, but most of my varieties were selected to be very resistant to all of the major apple diseases. In the past I have taken a chance on some varieties that I wasn't sure of, but at this point in time, I won't plant any variety that I've not researched thoroughly for disease resistance.