Native Hunter 2023 Apples

Today I noticed that a few of the fruits on Miller persimmon were starting to ripen. I tasted one of the dark orange ones, and it was indeed ripe.

This is about 25 days earlier than I remember the fruit ripening in past years. My best guess is that the drought we are in has hastened the ripening to some degree. Miller is a great early to mid season persimmon. It generally covers October well in my area.

Only a moderate size crop on 30-06 Crab. They seem a bit smaller this year, but they still have growing time. I have seen FB on this cultivar in past years but not severe. Looks pretty clean this year.

Deer Magnet persimmon still very green. Miller generally covers October well and Deer Magnet covers November well. Plus, I have lots of native persimmons. Some of them will drop through December and even longer.

Topworked a male persimmon to Prok two years ago. I have about 15 fruits this year. Still very green, and I really like the large size.

They don't know about some of Natives brands of apples
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10-4 Lak. If I was going to plant any of those, I would plant one of the original Red Delicious that is known as Hawkeye. I've heard it is an excellent apple, and there are some nurseries that still sell it. Lot's of people don't realize it, but the Red Delicious apples that you buy in groceries come from "sports" off of the original variety. Over the years they have made the apple more beautiful in the eye of the beholder, but it was at the expense of changing the taste of the original variety.