mouse poison


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I had little blocks set out in my building at the farm for mice, never though dog would want to eat them.Well she did eat one and the second one I saw her and got it dug out of her mouth.She is at the emergency vet and hopefully will be fine in a few days. Not cheap for sure and I will always put them in the bait stations from now on
What kind of rat poison? My dog ate bromethalin three times and spent numerous nights at the emergency vet. Awful stuff. Good luck.
One thing I made sure to do before I brought my pup back to the cabins! Clean up the sheds and poison. Hope the dog pulls through!
I picked her up this morning and she seems ok,but I think I will try some non toxic things like the coast soap that everyone says helps and make a bucket trap.Could have made a tractor payment for yesterdays visit
Glad she's ok. My dad had a dog swallow a fishing lure. Dropped him off at the vet and went back a few days later to pick him up. Vet told him the bill and my dad said "that dog ain't worth that much"... the Vet replied "he is now!". They can sure be expensive.

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