Maverick or Blind Turtle deer blind


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Looking to purchase either a Blind Turtle or a Maverick deer blind. Does anyone have either one of these blinds if so what’s your opinion on them
I’ve hunted extensively out of Mavericks on a ranch in TX. The pros are good visibility and lots of room. The cons? Absolutely does not retain scent, the gaskets shrink leaving gaps, the hardware for the doors have a short life span and will break, and the doors/windows have large gaps (this may have been in part a installation issue. Still, if you have predictable winds and the terrain permits ground hunting, they will work (you absolutely need the tinted or blacked out windows). I’ve killed a bunch of hogs/deer out of them.
I have 3 maverick six shooters. I bought as a package deal for a great price.

The blind shell is good but windows aren't. They are too small and too big of space between them to see without moving your body to see out other holes. They are not air tight as they come but one can improve that with window insulation straps and such.

I greatly improved the window visibility and air tightness.

I cut out windows and put in some vertical sliders I made. Now I have a "2 inch gap between windows and my windows range from 42" wide down to 11".

We can now sit in the blinds and have deer all around us and wind from where ever and they don't seem to scent us.

The added expense, not calculating in time still made them way cheaper than other commercial blinds.

If you go with them, I'd figure out where it's setting and the spots in blind that windows need to be placed. Cut out size needed and install windows you want.

The blind material is very sturdy and strong. Use a lot of fender washers and screw attaching it to base. Caulk the hell out of the seam and use plenty of screws on it and you'll start with a very solid blind. One can drill screws into it and it holds like wood when you attach the windows.

I don't have anyy pics but next time in one of the blinds I'll hopefully remember to take some.
At least the model I bought had these clear inserts that were real thin plastic,they went in and then the plastic flap made of same material as blind hinged up to shut window
not sure what snowfall you get there in OH, but they last about 2 winters here and then the snow caves in the roof on the mavericks. better off going with some of the nice softshell blinds at that price range you are looking at..Think Redneck makes one and then the Radix makes another good one. Want to say muddy has gotten in on them as well. they usually come w/ hard floor and heavy duty fabric that can run a heater if needed.
Now I'm no big fan of maverick windows but the strength of maverick blinds under weight is pretty high. I know I could sit on top of mine without it caving. They are all attached firmly to 6x6 bases.

There is no way snow could cave them in if they are firmly attached to a base. I could see them compressing in if not fixed in place though.
The shell is heavy duty