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You guys on the east coast and Florida be careful the next few days. Looks like Matthew is going to be a doozy!
Looks like Florida may get the worst of it as of Wednesday evening. Praying for those people. Still too close for comfort for those of us in SC and GA. I've stocked up on beer and oreos so I'm good to go whatever happens!

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This is going to be a potentially property changing storm for me. The storm surge is what's scary.
I am not on the beach, but I'm close. My house should be fine, but the two properties I manage are directly on the water.

The 3 red dots are my house and properties I manage. Here we go!

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I pray your angels watch over you. You are in harm's way. Hopefully, it is less at your locations.

Not good as it appears.
All good here. Made it through the night and still have power. Cable is out. The worst of it is hitting right now. Thank you Lord for it being low tide.
Gracious, cutman.

We are just over the NC line near calabash. The worst is yet to come in terms of higher winds. And rain. Some standing water out my front door.


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View our my front door in Pawleys Island. We still have power.


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The wind is still pretty rough here in Swansea. We don't have it anything like you guys. Looking out my back windows I see I have some crabs that were tubed down and my peach trees have no leaves. They should be fine. Once the wind stops in a couple hours we will get the chainsaw and go for a survey. Hopefully it will not be too bad. We did lose power for a little while but it's back on.
Pretty happy right now. I just got back in from a quick survey of my little 22 acres. The floor is green from leaves. Acorns are off the trees. I had to replant the two crab apples that were uprooted. I will restake them later. The bamboo was broken so I will replace with 1/2" pvc. The only other tree down was a hickory 50-60ft tall that is blocking the little trail I cut through the woods. It took some small white oaks out. Other than that everything is good. I've been very fortunate unlike many on it closer to the coast.
We got power back about an hour ago. All things considered, we were lucky. Lost a few sheds, shingles, and ceiling tile off our covered porch. NMB and Cherry Grove, SC had fire, tornado, and high winds.
Hate that for you guys. My SIL spent Sat running pumps from water in first floor in new house they just bought. Luckly no serious damage as they hadn't finished that part of construction yet. Rethinking their water control at the moment. I have a place at MB and all seems ok.