I booked a hunt and now I need to figure out when the best times are to do the hunt.

Dads Son

I booked the Triple Crown hunt with Whitetail Heaven Outfitters. (they were giving 30% off their hunts till Tuesday evening)
I get 12 days of hunting whenever I want. I can get 3 bucks. (Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky)
They said the first 3 days of archery season is very good in Kentucky. (starts Sept. 1) Is it worth getting a buck in velvet?
I was thinking about going last couple days in Oct. and first week or 2 in Nov.
When do you think I should go to have the best chance? I can split it up in a couple trips.
I would definitely hunt the first couple opening days in Kentucky especially if you can hunt a bean field. Because the bucks are still on their summer patterns hitting those beans in the evening. Good luck!
Native is correct, problem is, it's the same time for all three locations. I hunt hard and some years don't get a buck I'd take, just hunting in one state, although I'm pickier than most.. The only way I would hunt the opener in KY is if the outfitter has deer patterned and can show you the pictures. Big deer are killed very early in archery, but usually only by those that have done their homework.
12 days.....depending on your weapon of choice and what state is allowing which weapon.....I hunt 4 days in OH, 4 days in KY and 4 days in IN......All in the first 3 weeks of November......if it was me. Tues, Wed, Thurs & Fridays. You will have less disturbance in the woods by avoiding the weekends. October can be hot....like 80's or more type hot in the tri-state area.....not saying you can't get lucky on a feeding pattern buck on some soybeans, but I prefer the cooler temps and the early phases of the rut myself. Also let your weapon of choice guide you.