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Well my real name is Rick... and I have a small Youtube channel called Rick's Review.
But I am an avid hunter here in south Texas. I have hunted javelina, feral hog (peccary) and other nuisance animals.
But I mostly hunt deer now a days. I built a 7x8x10 deer blind for this last winter simply because it just got tired of standing and shooting. On my moms land the deer are plentiful and on any given day we usually have a pic of one out of 40+ to choose from.
I know it is almost not fair. But the deer come down from the hill our land is adjacent to and eat our neighbors planted crop so we don't even need to feed them (this is awesome). He is extremely glad to see us kill his profit stealing nemesis.

On the opening day of hunting this year I took a friend out to hunt with me and told him he would have a pic from probably over 30+ deer top shoot and he could shoot till he filled up his license. He didn't believe me, almost no one does. Most people think hunting in the wild means sit and wait for a long time and if you are lucky you may see rustling in the trees but probably no deer to shoot at...lol

Well not out at my our farm, usually the biggest worry is how much field dressing do you want to do and if you want to have them processed how many deer can you afford. So below I will post our opening day and only day of the season because we could't not afford to go back for more. None of the deer we shot were award winning size, although we got some large white tail doe and a couple spikes but without fail each time we go out I see large bucks. Well I don't do the trophy thing in any way, I kill for the meat so I usually don't shoot them as there are far more doe than bucks. Keep in mind I have hunted with feeders and in tree stand blinds all over south Texas so I am no stranger to hunting. I have stalked pigs, and coyote with my 30/30 and AR-15 and even killed with my compound bow. This year we had so much meat we took it to two different processors that we use (I know, I know poor me). It was good year for me and my friend.

But as I have become more lazy I decided to build a blind out at our land instead of just walking out of my truck to the "tree" I would lean on and shoot, or chair out in the open of the field and replace them with a comfy and heated blind. I ran electricity into it and when I built it I made it large enough for 3 hunters but usually only take 1 at a time. Next up is a large tri-pole deer hanger thingy for field dressing. When I was a kid my uncle build one and I though it was just the greatest. My wife at first didn't like deer, but she has grown to really like the way it is processed and loves it nearly as much as I do.

Anyway I just wanted to say hello and tell you guys a little about myself. I am originally from Texas over 49 years. I can shoot them, clean them, cook them and fish too. Like Hank Williams Jr said, "A country boy can survive".

and this was my half of the meat

If you notice the box on the bottom of my freezer is full of meat and marked for each side of the freezer where the two different processors meat is at.
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Cool. Sounds like a unique place. Hopefully your never ending supply off deer don't give out. Many of us have had similar places, it's a delicate balance, I hope yours holds up. Since your family likes deer, and with that volume, you should study how to process your own, it's simple, and quite frankly tastes better than when a processor does it, in my experience. Welcome aboard!
I agree I really do my friend who moved away started to get stuff together for that he bought a Hobart grinder a stainless steel table and he started buying other things that we can start processing all stuff but again he moved away so I think I may have to start investing in that stuff for myself.

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Been to San Antonio once...1988. Took a short ride to New Brunfels and had lunch on the river where I was introduced to Lonestar beer. Oddly I remember that lunch to this day but can't remember a thing about San Antonio.