Husband met with an accident while hunting


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Hi, my husband is an experienced hunter and he used to go for camping at a very young age. He told that he has started camping at the age of fifteen. Last month he met with an accident. He stepped on a log and he didn't notice the other log which was lying closer to the first one. His leg slipped in between those two logs. This snapped the two bottom bones in his left leg. He was taken immediately to the hospital by his friend. He is currently undergoing foot healthcare from Toronto and is recovering very fast. Is there anybody over here who has met with a similar accident? What can be done to avoid the accidents while hunting?
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Accidents happen and the best way to avoid an accident of this nature is to watch your step, don't rush...
I am sorry to hear about your husbands accident. Prayers going up for you guys. As far as the accident, they just happen and the only way to avoid them or lower the chance of an accident is being extra cautious. Like Okie mentioned slow down and make sure you have secure footing before taking the next step. Good luck.
Lately I have slipped on more wet logs, pieces of lumber and mud than I care to mention. Scary for an old man

Your concern for your husband is commendable. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

I will comment that most of the best things in life have some degree of risk. But I do have a few suggestions that may be helpful.

First, lots of downed trees and limbs may be a sign of overly mature timber. A thinning cut or Timber Stand Improvement could help timber value as well as wildlife - and could clean up some of those limbs!

Second, groomed paths to his hunting location may help. Often we go on our out of our hunting spots in the dark. Groomed trails help make this safe and quiet!

Third, downed limbs should be stacked in brush piles which also help wildlife. Your husband should check on these regularly in daylight during rabbit season as this gives him a chance to add to the pile any logs which fell on his groomed trails.

In conclusion, my advice is to provide a generous allowance of time and money to complete the above tasks to result in improved safety. Food plots may also be helpful as they provide other obstacle free walking areas. We have a whole forum section if food plot advice is needed.
Good luck to your husband,but not really other than be careful,if hunting in tree stand always have safety harness with rope system and cell phone
I think we can all remember times we were lucky not to injure ourselves. And then some dont get so lucky.
The older i get the more i think about my next step, or climb, or leap, or whatever..... continue to take chances, however small, and the odds will eventually catch up to you and me.

I dont know what exactly happened with your husband, so there may have been little chance he could have avoided it. Best wishes.
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She also found her way to:

The Saint Louis Egoist
Michigan Sportsman
The Black Board Urban News & Black Discussion Forum
There was a link in the original post. I reported it to the mods and they removed it pretty quickly. My guess is there's spyware or malware attached to clicking on something like that.
Native Hunter,

You would be McCloud - he was famous and good with a rifle where as you are a sharp shooter.

Moderators made a good decision and rather fast doing it.
There was a link in the original post. I reported it to the mods and they removed it pretty quickly. My guess is there's spyware or malware attached to clicking on something like that.


Mark, you've got to bring Ken Bone back - I miss him.............