It Is Well...And far be it from me to not believe

I am likely one of many that hadn't yet posted because we just can't find the words to tell you how sorry we are for the loss of your son.. The photos of your son show a person that obviously enjoyed life to the fullest. I am blown away that anyone would have 1,000 plus people attend their final services. He had to be a very, very special person indeed and had to have lived a life fuller than his short 39 years. We all care for you Dogghr and are confident that you will get thru this and just wish we could somehow help you but we understand that we can't; we are just plain old people. Never the less for what it is worth we are here for you in spades!
Like others, I just don’t know what to say. It’s awful to lose a dog, much less a child, even a grown one. My next to youngest son passed some time ago, only in his twenties. It will fade, but you never truly get over it. Take comfort in your faith.