Home brew Ozonics

You may be surprised at how easy it is, seems a little daunting at first but it really is just a matter of connecting all the red wires and all of the black wires together and organizing the inards so the ozone gets blown out. I could send you step by step pics of the one I made text or email. I can't figure out picture posting on these forums
It's really simple. I'm glad to see someone take the project on. I will start hunting hard this weekend. Hopefully it performs well!!
So I thought this would be a fun project sonI put one together the other day, lots of fun, seems to put out a good amount of ozone. I purchased the 500 mg/hr unit as well. Plan on trying it out tomorrow evening.
Post some pics!!! I like seeing other ideas on how to house everything.
OK, It's not like i have never messed with electrical components, it just that i dont really want to.
Lord knows I could use one. When I hunt with my daughter we have to use a ground blind because she uses a wheelchair. The deer have to be within 25 yds and thats proven to be tough to do with 2 people in a blind. especially when one has a limited ability to move. We could use an ozone unit. Thanks Timrod for jumping in with both feet. Hope it works out great.
Hey Timrod,

I ran my system today for probably around 4 hours in my garage to test it out. When I was going out for the evening hunt it didn't seem like it was producing that much ozone. Before the strip would light up and now it isn't. Possibly a shorted out strip?? What do you think?


Ty- maybe check to make sure the pack is fully charged. I pulled an all day sit last week, and the weather was fairly warm for this time of year. It was fired up at 5am, and I noticed by about 2 that nothing was happening. I still was smelling the ozone about noon, but it died between 12-2.

Either way, 7-10 hours is roughly what was expected. I'm just not sure what temperature you were dealing with, as that has a lot to do with the charge... I was happy with the performance of mine overall, it did however seem like that if I used it for 6 hours, it took 12 to fully charge.
I also wanted to add... I'm still not sold on the ozone in the field. I played the wind big time during my whole vacation, and will never know what did or didn't smell me. Nothing picked me from downwind, but I only had three occasions where I knew deer got downwind of me, and got away with it each time.