Home brew Ozonics


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IMG_2535.JPG Here goes it.... whether or not you believe in ozone or not, I'll bet a lot of you don't like seeing the price tag associated. I decided to build my own using a kit from ozone kits on eBay for 28.00 shipped. The size that I used was 500 mg/hr, and after using it, it is more than enough ozone. After finding the kit, I needed a battery that would at least give me ample run time for the duration of the hunt, without breaking the bank. I chose to use a li-ion battery pack from HIT lights. It's for driving LED lighting.


I chose the 6000 mA pack, and hope that it lasts in the field. This is TBD.

So, now I have the kit and the battery figured out, I had to get a few small computer fans to blow the ozone out. Do not scrimp here... I bought multiple fans only to find out that they were way too loud. What I ended up doing was buying some ultra quiet fans off of this site:


These things truly are silent....
Now, the case to put everything in was an absolute nightmare to find. I bought multiple project boxes, that would clearly contain the project, it was just hard for me to find a good way to "port" it so that air could move through the generator and out. (Without looking like crap) While at work one day, I had to replace a power supply on a piece of equipment we had, and there it was... perfect. I gutted the power supply and was able to use the case for the kit. It really could not have worked any better. I understand that many of you don't work for a utility company and can just find junk parts laying around, so all I can really say is to take a look at the project boxes that they have at radio shack or online. Something there will definitely work, you are just going to have to figure out how to port it for airflow. With this enclosure I plan to keep it simple as far as mounting it in the tree. I'm just going to use a small utility hook in the tree, and para cord through the generator. Also, with this size, I have a scent lok backpack I carry that will fit the generator nicely, and allow for me to have it on while I walk to the stand.

What I did at this point was just to take time in getting everything mounted up with stainless hardware, and make it look clean. I also made sure that the ceramic ozone plate could not make any contact with anything metal inside the enclosure, and that no wiring was going to make contact with fan blades.

It's really just a lot of trial and error at times, and hopefully you got some ideas from this if it is something you are looking at doing.

Knowing what I do now, as far as what parts to order, I would have about 120-140.00 in building one, so albeit not cheap, it's far better than the 400.00 for ozonics.
That's really cool. Thanks for sharing the process. I love making things from concept.
Took it out this weekend and it performed beautifully. Lasted a long time in the tree, never went dead. Every time I caught a little swirl of wind, I could smell the ozone. Wind speeds were 2-5mph Saturday morning, and ended up with a total of ten does/fawns that walked from upwind, to under my Stand, then off into the timber downwind. No spooks, and no blows doesn't sell me on ozonics, but it didn't hurt.

You purchased an ozonic kit, a power supply with a charger and a couple of fans. Is that the purchases.

Your kit is a 12v kit. Your fans run with very little sound.

Did I leave anything out?

You will still need a project box to put everything in... that actually is a pretty tricky thing to find.

Where did you get your project box? What size is it?

I look at ozonic kits. Do you have a model number or item number of the $28 one you purchased. 12 Volt and 500 mg/ hr is that accurate.

Yes that's the correct kit. As far as the project box, I found a case that would house it by gutting an old electrical power supply. That is something that you will doubtfully be able to find, and I have r had to change out any more at work, or I would send you one.
I would maybe thinking about going to your local wal mart, and checking out the waterproof containers in the camping section.
this is awesome! can you show how you mounted and connected the battery to the case? I'm not familiar with wiring this up so any tips on hooking up the Ozone generator and fans to the power supply would be very helpful as well. Do you just use the on/off switch for the power supply from HIT lighting to turn the unit on and off?

Here is a schematic of the complete circuit, and a few notes. Hopefully that helps with the connection side of things. My actual connections were all soldered, taped, then heat shrunk to keep them waterproof. The connection from the transformer to the plate was already done by ozonekits, so there is no need to worry about that.
As far your battery mounting dilemma, the case that I lucked out to find was extremely tight fitting to the point that no other attachment was necessary. My original plan before I found this enclosure was to just use 2" wide Velcro to hold it in the case. That stuff if tough to remove when attached, and isn't going to allow anything to rattle loose.
And yes, I just use the switch built into the power supply for on/off. The weird thing to remember is that the pack has to be on in order to charge. It doesn't seem obvious, but after drawing the schematic, it is.
Let me know if you have any more questions, and I will be glad to help out.

I saw the one report that is was working well. Have you had it out anymore? How many hours does the 6,000 mA battery last?


I've only hunted one time this year is it. Starting in a couple weeks it will truly get its full test.

As far as hours go, the total circuit should draw roughly .8 Amps, so in theory this unit should last 7.5 hours on a full charge. Keep in mind, sometimes the aH ratings are exaggerated, -and not always true. The only way to truly know is for me to time it out, and also use a DC amp clamp to determine the exact amp draw of everything together.
I will post updates as I use it more, but the timing just isn't there yet for me to be in the woods.
So I thought this would be a fun project sonI put one together the other day, lots of fun, seems to put out a good amount of ozone. I purchased the 500 mg/hr unit as well. Plan on trying it out tomorrow evening.
After you get it field tested and it checks out ok I want to buy one from you. I stand a better chance of flying than making one of those.