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I got my cover on my new greenhouse on Wednesday morning. Later in the day the death sentence was announced on the forum I spent two years on almost daily.

I will be learning a great deal of the do's and don'ts of greenhouse procedures in the next year. I am dedicated to Chinese Chestnuts, Dwarf Chinkapin Oaks, Sawtooth Oak, Alleghency Chinkapin and a few others for first time attempts.
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Next time you are in Portland, you need to come by to see it. I will give you something to plant at the 725.

Your chestnuts look good - that is great to see. How is the baby girl doing?

Glad to see you on this site.
It is great to see you here. Us tree guys need to hang together - at least stay in touch. I imagine you mean the One Thousand Chestnut Tree thread.

We will use this forum to track the running count on all of the chestnut trees. I look forward to seeing your gravity flow drip irrigation system for your trees.
When you see my seedlings in root pouches - you need to smile 'cause I learned from you.
Good job on the greenhouse, Wayne, and glad you are able to continue to show updates on the project
Now we have tomato knowledge on this forum (B U - you old pier grower). Glad to see you on board. I have work scheduled for 6:30 AM Friday morning on the greenhouse. I will get pipe insulation inserted at the top of end wall along the arch. It is two person job. Got a real experienced - younger man lined up to help.
One stretches the shade cloth and the other laces the wiggle wire inside the aluminum channel.
Glad you are here to keep us in line. :D
JohnL that is funny.
No it is to lure in the squirrels and rabbits.
I will get the doors built this weekend - at least I hope to.
Headed to the greenhouse at 6:30 AM to work on end walls. I will post some photos of the work accomplished later this morning when we take a break.
Got some doors to construct and move plants inside. Will post the progress on that in a day or two.
I will post photos of different phases of the build process in the upcoming week.
First time I installed a cover was Tuesday morning. We realized the plywood at the top edge of the arch would be hard on the shade cloth fabric. This morning we addressed this issue. I had pipe insulation left over from when I replaced old galvanized pipe and install new PVC waterlines in my house.
I cut the insulation down the long side. The photo shows the regular insulation along with how it looks after it was split.

Pipe Insulation.jpg
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Insulation on Plywood Arch.jpg

This photo shows the pipe insulation located at the edge of the plywood arch on the end wall. The shiny aluminum is called wiggle wire channel. It helps hold the cover in position and the insulation protects the fabric from being torn by the plywood in wind storms.
Thanks for reading this thread.
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Looking great, Wayne. I can't help but wonder how many more trees you'll grow, and how many more counties they'll reach, having that greenhouse to grow 'em in. I imagine there'll be a bit of learning curve the first year or two, but I doubt it'll take you long to optimize production.

It will be a learning curve. I know I will now carry more trees to the second spring before I plant them. I think I will be planting stronger trees as a result of that. I am interested in getting good at growing cuttings for shrubs and specialty deer plants. Think a sand box and misting system will be the route I try.
I intend to increase my Chinese Chestnut collection, distribution and growing volume. After two years of doing this and now having a greenhouse I think I can step it up.
I intend to work harder and smarter at helping first time growers of Chinese Chestnuts.
Retirement has agreed with - I was at 214 when I retired Oct 20, 2015 and now I weight 196 on 7/22/2016. No grass growing under my feet.

Thanks for being a chestnut grower and being part of what we do!!!
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I saw you listed DCOs as a project for next year. From my experience they start well in pots, but stall out very fast. Maybe you will come up with the right "soil" and nutrient mix. The ones I start in the ground out pace the pot started ones every time. This year I planted some in the lightest grade RootPouch pots, in ground, with my nursery soil as the growing medium. They have done fairly well, we will see if they root pruned and didnt breach the bottom of the pot.
Turkey Creek,

Glad you are here. I has some DCO this year. I purchased a used fridge and put rootmaker 18 express trays in the fridge. My biggest mistake was not get the nut deep enough. I left them too high and this created dryness issues for many. I have over 3 trays of good ones. I had one direct seed in the yard that did very well but my success was 1 for 3 at direct seeding.
I imagine I will start them in 18s or other trays in the fridge and then move them to the greenhouse. I have numerous sites I can plant them in bunches at each location.

They just grow slowly compared to other seedlings.
Hope you will be willing to give me guidance on the greenhouse do's and don'ts.
Wayne, your greenhouse is large enough that you could build a three or four foot deep box to simulate direct seeding of some of your chestnuts. I did some of that with my initial run of sawtooth acorns and they grew well, and develop a great root. Planting is different than from pots though.


Your growing media was how deep? I am considering a sand box with a mister for cuttings. Yes you are correct I built it big enough to section it off and do some of what you are talking about.
If you can share more details about what you did with sawtooth, I am all ears.
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I have found in a bed type growing situation it can be extremely productive using sand as a growing media. Other than you need to routinely circulate nutrients with your irrigation, since there is no organic matter to hold your nutrients. Sand allows for good drainage and air circulation to the root system. Produces a very fibrous root system. Works well for holding older trees in a temporary situation as well.
Turkey Creek
Can you explain to me what you use as nutrients and how often? I assume it water soluble but what do I know. I have seen and read that you are exactly right about sand.
How deep would you think the sand bed should be? How often to mist? How often to feed nutrients?
Sorry for all the questions but I am trying to get a working model figured out.
Appreciate your post. Thanks