grain prices


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Just got a quote yesterday on some cereal rye and winter wheat. Cheapest price I can remember in the last 4 years of me doing this. $18 a bag. They want $3 a pound for daikon radish though!

What prices are you seeing?
Just purchased rye grain at $10/50. The wheat was $13/50. Purchased 5# of daikon radishes for $13.
Pretty sure I gave $13 a bag for Wheat and Rye Grain and $80 for 50 pounds of Daikon Radish seed...
Rye grain seeds are available here at $6 per bushel direct from a local farmer. They may not have any bags and the weed seed count is not kept track of as in bagged rye. This is a very cheap rate as usually it is around $10 per bushel. It just boils down to who had extra rye and how fair they enjoy being. The availability is not unlimited but for locals there is enough to go around.
Pretty sure I've got ww as low as 8 dollars/50 lbs before but on average I'd say we pay 11-12$
I got priced $19.50 yesterday for a bag of rye, said "no thank you". No wheat in stock, going to try my usual coop today.
Ernst Seed (25 miles from my farm)

$13.50/bushel winter rye (56 lbs.)
$2.00/pound Groundhog radish
$6.00/bushel oats
$8/50 for wheat. $10/50 for oats. Funny thing is, wheat is only bringing $2.80/bushel. Somebody is making some jack.
When you consider cost of cleaning, fumigation if needed, storage costs, bagging costs, royalty to the genetics owner, and transportation cost, there isn't a lot of profit left in $8 seed wheat.

Wheat growers in western OK will either plant canola or graze out winter wheat with a second group of stocker calves in spring.