Good and bad news


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I don't know who all has been watching stocks/news, etc but it looks like Toshiba is having some major issues in the states over Nuclear Power. That's my line of work. The good news we just found out today that we are moving g to 5-10s. That's awesome. I need the family time. The bad news is man the paychecks are about to be thinner, which I can deal with, and with all this stuff going on who knows if they keep this construction site going. If not I guess I'll pick it up at the next site. It has been nice to live an hour from the house. Goodbye 6-12s! I will not miss you. I just wish this happened during deer season.

I hope the 5 days / 10 per hold steady for you. A change for the good all around.

Congrats on the good side of it.

We all try to live to our means which means a cut can hurt. I try to not live to my means...

Get your finances in order to live with a 40 hour work week and nothing can hurt you in your line of work. Here in Oklahoma when oil prices dropped we had so many pipeline workers that were buying well above what they could afford if any hit at all came about they took a real beating and lost all of it to bankruptcy...

Good luck and glad you have 2 days a week off now!
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Thanks. I'm good to 40 hours a week with no problem. It just slows the get debt free down a little but let's me enjoy family time and outdoors. I didn't hunt but 8-10 half day hunts and only a couple full day hunts. That is definitely less than normal.

I guess I will be starting to rip the old tile and cabinets up so I can start this bath remodel she wants.