Only have one weekend... Need advice


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Due to covid-19, a mess of weddings and showers and personal injury that will require surgery, I'm only going to get one weekend at one of my locations to address some plots. I'll be going up on the weekend of the 25th.

I plan to address a 2 acre area that we've been working on the last couple years. It's been mostly in clover/grains and has some compaction/drainage issues, but those have improved mightily over the years. Since I haven't had a chance to address it, it's been overrun with a lot of grass. It looks about how you would want your first cut of hay to be if bailing for cows. The plot has two sections. 1 acre is older and has been no till for a couple years now, while the other 1 acre was freshly planted this spring but some bad weather made it pretty much a failure.

I'd like to get some winter forage in at least some of the plot, as the clover will go dormant before hunting season unless we have a major heat wave stay around.

My thought was to:

1. Mow the best area back and spray with cleth, while overseeding in some rye and additional clover to fill in next spring where the current grass dies.
2. In the second acre I would like to just seed with brassicas/rye, mow, spray with gly and call it good. My concern is that if I mow and spray all in the same weekend, it might not be a good kill. Any thoughts?


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You will get a poor kill w Cleth mowing tall grasses then spraying. Best to give couple wks new growth. Gly will give better kill but still not optimum.
Myself. Overseed WR and clover and if you want , some brassica. Mow.
Warm season grasses will die Nov. Grain will take off. Then next spring spray for grass kill. Might want ck that ph.

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