Foodplotting In The Mountains...The Sequel

Great Pics Dogg. Love your pics and thread representing the local area. I wouldn't know how to act if I was working with flat ground. Had to switch my tank to reserve on my 4wheeler while I was spraying to keep from sputtering out. I know you can relate.
Thanks guys. Yea Brian can get interesting spraying with ATV loaded with water sloshing side to side on side hill. I need to fatten up.

In process of doing a seed germ test of leftover seed for my planting this weekend. I'll post process and results when get a chance.

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Good to have you here HB. And Lakn, maybe I am. You can plant other things such as tomatoes in upside down containers, so why not off the wall attempt with brassica. You would have deer food and a living licking branch at same time.
I don't think it will work. You plant em upside down the deer will diggin holes in you plot to get to the greens. Might as well have hogs if you are going to do that and trust me you don't want hogs.
While we are waiting for my seed germination test to proceed, lets do a quick review of what a seed does. I mean not to insult, and I know there are some that can go in much more detail, but if we have this pathway of growth in our minds, then planting and growth will be even more miraculous in our eyes. Indulge me for a minute.

Seed Germination is defined as the following: A physiological process in which a partially or fully differentiated embryo resumes growth after a period of rest.
- Germination is a three phase process:
1. Imbibition
2. Preparatory period
3. Radicle emergence

--Imbibition (water uptake) by the seed and O2 uptake are required for activation of enzymes and oxidation processes systems .
Imbibition is a physical process (dead seeds will take up water!) of water uptake that is governed by:
1. Seed water potential
2. Seed size
3. Seed coat permeability
4. Seed-soil contact
5. Soil hydraulic conductivity
6. Soil temperature.
Good or poor seed/soil contact affects the uptake of water by various mechanisms we won't go into here. Obviously good contact improves the process.
Seed takes in water until critical levels are met, usually 2-3 times the original weight of the seed.
The imbibition phase of seed germination depends on substrates stored in the embryo.
As uptake occurs, substrates such as acids, sugars, and proteins leak from the seed and can signal attack by pathogens and pests. This is why some seeds are coated to allow for protection from this.

--We will skip somewhat the preparatory period, but suffice to say it is readying and repairing itself for growth.

--Radicle Emergence
Protein synthesis is required. Water uptake is again rapid in this phase.
The time from radicle emergence until seedling emergence from the soil varies with planting depth and soil temperature given adequate soil water.
Seed germination can only take place within a range of temperatures.
There is a minimum, maximum, and optimum temperature for germination of each crop species.

And finally,
There are 3 phases of seedling development that lead to establishment of the stand:
1. Heterotrophic phase – imbibition to emergence. Seedling growth depends on stored reserves in seed.
2. Transition phase – initiation of photosynthesis, but seed reserves remain available for growth.
3. Autotrophic phase – growth is dependent on photosynthesis alone - stand is established

Hope this weak paraphrase allows us to really enjoy the fall plantings we are about to begin. Enjoy the process, but really... enjoy the process.

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Aldo Leopold
So glad to see the mountain plotting saga continue. I've been over at habitat talk, looks like all my buds are here.

Brian AKA Stickbowcrafter from former forum
I don't think it will work. You plant em upside down the deer will diggin holes in you plot to get to the greens. Might as well have hogs if you are going to do that and trust me you don't want hogs.
Well I was planning to hang them from Sky Hooks. Of course we only could get those from the Tenderfoots when I was with the Scouts. Had them find them right before we took them Snipe hunting late at night. No it wasn't bullying, just a mild initiation.

Weasel good to have you on board and will enjoy your thread as usual. Been fun so far, may have to send a thank you note to….no never mind.
As I said couple posts ago, I did a germination test of seed I had from last year. They had been in a sealed container in the garage since last Aug. I wasn't concerned of using them this year, but tho might be cool to show good way to ck seed, you just never know. I counted out 50 seeds, why that number I don't know just a good representation, and those seeds make a man go blind counting them out. They were placed on a damp, not wet paper towel scattered. Towel was then folded and rolled lightly. Placed in airtight ziplock bag and put under a table place mat setting to keep dark, and hide from wondering eyes.
I ckd today, and the PTT/purple top turnips had a germ rate of over 90% which isn't much different than what the original bag tag probably said. The DER/dwarf essex rape was at about 70% but the test should go 7-10 days for the seeds so I think they really will prove themselves. I rerolled the DER and will ck in a few more days, but chose to use the new seed I had gotten at this time. Regardless, I will spread those DER seeds somewhere over the next few weeks. Not a great pic, but you can see what has happened. Think back on the germination story I told few posts back and give that some thot as you stare at these new seedlings. Pretty amazing from such a seed the size of a pencil tip that will do this and in just a few weeks will be 4 feet tall and produce bulbs the size of a softball, don't you think??IMG_0002B.jpg
Rain showers on their way so I plan to plant tomorrow my brassica plot. I went to coop to get my seed. PTT was 9$/#, and DER was 3$/#. I will plant 3# of PTT, 2# DER, and 2# Kale/ac. I rather go light and get good bulb production for winter than heavier mix. I sprayed gly last weekend so plan to broadcast seed, all mixed together, spread 100# of 19-19-19 and 50-100# of urea. I then mow and maybe roll cultipacker depending on how it looks. Brassica mixes are going into last years WR/RC/oat/AWP crop for rotation. I'll spread another 50# urea in 30 days before a rain. This has worked all but once for me and that year was a drought year with no browse avalailble for deer and they ate as the plants grew. Got all my seed bagged and will mix together when ready to plant. Well at least thats the plan and we know how that can go. I'll show some results after done this weekend. I'm excited, are you?IMG_0008B.jpg
Good info on germination test. My six year old grandson and I planted some saved tomato seed this morning to test.
On another note, what is a good method to keep the PTT from being spread too thick? Seems I always plant them too thick for good bulb production.
That's a good question Lakn. I wish the dang seed was coated blaze orange cause they are so hard to see. I just know you have to force yourself to go very light. If tilling then absolutely no more than 3#/ac. I always spread too light to cover field first then keep crisscrossing until seed is finally gone. I know when I overseed bulbs tend to be only golf ball size. The deer prefer them large and will skip the small ones. Also N is very important regardless of soil test. Not sure you could over apply N. And mine do better if I hit them second time in 30 days. Running over them with atv and spreader doesn't hurt them.

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On side note since I'm no tilling with broadcast I go a pound or so heavier.

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Agree on the packing by some method. Always grow better in tire tracks. I probably need to follow your advice on the nitrogen at 30 days.
You don't think you can manage mature timber to make good habitat?? I beg to differ. Don't believe everything you hear unless you prove it. Maybe you just haven't heard my theory of Ramdom Clusters yet. You will.
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Dogghr will you expand on your random cluster theory? Spacing, Size and locations?
Dogghr...Nature is an amazing thing. Thanks for reminding us! The past 2 weeks I've driven through corn country - IL and NE. When I look at the fields of corn that seem to go forever I'm reminded that a relatively small, single seed produced each of the 6 ft tall stalks with thousands of new seeds on each.