Fall alfalfa


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Anyone plant fall alfalfa?

I’m thinking of drilling oats at 50lb/acre and drill normal rate of alfalfa with it? Last week of Aug in WI

Instead of doing one pass I think I’ll drill them separately

My drill has 7.25” spaces
Fall alfalfa is better than spring. If conventional planting I would recommend running over the ground with A cultipacker, then take the seed tubes off of the seed boots on your drill and just let the alfalfa seed land on top of the ground. This will scatter the seed more instead of having it in Rows and you will avoid planting it too deep, while getting the advantage of the drills metering accuracy.
Then run back over it with a cultipacker but make sure you have the teeth up, to obtain that eighth to quarter inch plant depth.
You will also obtain a smoother seedbed this way.
Just plant the oats with the drill first before you begin to plant alfalfa if you were worried about the seed Mixing consistency, which I would be if you don’t have separate boxes on your drill.
I’ve got two boxes on my drill

The idea of taking the seed tube off is very interesting. Thanks for the note, very helpful
I agree, weve done some spring seeding, and if everything goes right, it works fine. But we did some fall this year and I think its the way to go, just got to figure out a way to make some $ on it until its time to seed in the fall.
You're in Wisconsin right? Will fall seeded alfalfa survive the winter there? My farmer friends in WI tell me they have trouble with it freezing out.
Pulling the seed tubes is the way alfalfa has been being planted for years,never planted in the spring only late sept early oct in Kansas