Seeding natives without a drill


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I tried searching before posting and couldn’t find a direct thread.
For those who you who successfully seed native grasses and forbs without a drill, what method did you find most effective?
I’ve got some areas that I have planted for a few years with the idea that I’d eventually seed with a pollinator/native grass mix. I don’t have access to a smaller seed drill in my area. The biologist for the WMA nearby said he could do it, but I’m starting with converting smaller 1-2 acre plots back to native. His equipment is more suited for large scale plantings and access would be problematic.

I’ve seen guys use smaller hand spreaders and mix oats, cat litter, fertilizer, etc. However, I haven’t seen any follow up videos or spoke with anyone who has actually done this.

I have probably missed the window for this year, but I thought I could plant the plots again next fall and then terminate before they go dormant and seed the natives during the fall/winter.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

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40MPH wind and throw in air while walking.Real pain but it worked.Also for NWSG you can use a seedslinger broadcaster.I found that the nwsg choked out my forbs so for what they cost I try to create structure and weeds in my NWSG
Did you mix anything with your NWSG in your hand spreader as a carrier or just straight seed?

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I just frost seeded 20 pounds of Kanlow switch using a hand spreader with nothing added. I played with the settings till I had what I wanted. Worked well. Going to spray gly mid to late April and symazine to try and help it get started.