Encourage Your Friends and Hunting Crew to Visit Our Forum


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I believe Jan - Feb - Mar are months where forum use goes up - especially in the colder climates.

I suggest forum users share the news about this forum. Encourage your friends and hunting crew to visit our forum.

Text or email our web address to them. http://www.deerhunterforum.com/index.php

Tell them about threads you know they are interested in. I believe our property threads are an excellent draw with much to be learned on property similar to what newcomers have.

The strength of our forum is our members, content and conduct.

Forum members that are hesitant to post your questions or something worth sharing, please work through your hesitation. I can remember when I was reluctant - it too shall pass for you as well.

I like to watch the age of the newcomers and we continue to attract all ages. To me, that is a great thing.

Thanks for reading this thread. ;)



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Just wish i had time to read through all the property threads.... :rolleyes:
The forum also serves as great motivation to get out there and improve your property. Many improvements take years to pay off. A guy/gal can sure second guess themselves when spending those initial dollars and putting in sweat equity.