Elevated Blind Legs and Elevator Bracket Weight Capacity


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That worked like a charm but not sure I would try that method. I built mine last summer (modular) 10' 4x4. Took the base out with the brackets in place, jammed the 4x4 in the slots and tilted it up by hand. Got the 4x4 where I wanted them and then added the cross members. Then just handed the walls up, got in place (3 of them) added the roof and then wall number 4. It took some planning but if I can do it anyone can. The hardest part was screwing down the metal roofing, but a taller ladder would have fixed that issue. Learn from my mistakes and that would be the only thing I would do different. And wish my windows were two inches higher and I would use 2x2 for my framing vs 2x4s. After hunting in mine this year, I love it!!!!! can't believe I waited this long to build one, it cost a little more than I thought it would but it was worth it!!!!! Good Luck and get it built!!!!!



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I've set up 8 of these blinds like this. The only moment of concern is when the 12' 4x4 leverage post falls out and this has never been an issue for me. The reason for using 4x4 post with 2 nails (keeps rope centered) in the top is to start the stand coming up in a straighter line then a direct pull placing all the load on the back 2 legs. Both back legs are anchored to a fixed object to prevent sliding and the rope I use about 2" in diameter and goes around the entire box at the leg brackets to prevent any strain on the walls. Then the rear tag line is wrapped around something in this case the trailer rail to maintain forward control as its let down.
All but 1 of my boxes are 4x5 on 8' 4x4's and 2x4 studs, 1' insulation, padding and carpet so based on what my tractor will lift, I'd say 7-1,000 lbs. One thing I'd definitely suggest is to use 2x6 floor framing all the way around. If you use 2x6 side and cross braces and a 2x4 end braces, the frame tends to twist sometimes when lifting or leveling.
The 2x8's you see on this one was done to be a ground blind originally and pulled around with my 4 wheeler then I decided to put it on legs.
I do have the same exact blind on 6x6 skids that I can move around with my UTV.


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Another strategy which I've found very useful is actually the winch on atv or I have had stands where I can't get to with vehicles and just use a tree nearby and strap a winch and run it off car battery. The winch allows for much smoother controlled pull and easy to drop it back down if don't see something you like on initial pull

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