Not weed free but the deer love Aeschynomene and Alyce clover

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Found this one the other day. He is a 4-1/2 year old 9 point. He is a little better than I thought he was. Carried his mass well. They were 4”,3-1/2”,4”,and 4” in that order. Should be pretty good next year as long as that slight pedicle damage doesn’t hurt him.

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Got a 2 for 1 with my new 350 legend upper using a 165 grain Hornady FTX unfortunately I had to send it back because it misfed after every shot. Would only put the next bullet halfway in. It is back at the manufacturer now getting fixed. Can’t wait to get it back because it is an awesome hog round.

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Went out yesterday and spot sprayed some grasses I had coming up in the first clover plot I ever planted. Had IWC, Durana and some ladino clover mixed in it. This will be year 6 for this clover plot and it keeps getting better.

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Worked the gobbler in the hardwoods picture for 1-1/2 hours Easter morning before he came in. First I have ever called in while using a mouth call. He had a 10” beard and was probably a 2 year old. The gobbler in the clover plot picture only took 5 minutes to call in on Easter morning. He had a 11-1/4” beard and was a 3 year old. Both easily over 20 lbs. They both came in strutting and drumming. That’s such an awesome sight and experience.

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Looks like you're gonna have some to chase this fall!
It's about time for us to get some cams out, just waiting for beans to go in the ag fields around us. Guys like you are making me anxious. lol
Well season ended Sunday evening. I took the wife to get a doe but she ended up telling me to shot her. We got one last doe with 5 minutes left in the season. I finally got to shoot one with my 350 legend

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We had a great season. One member shot a stud 6-1/2 year old 8 I had seen a couple times but I knew someone else wanted to shoot really bad. He ahoy him on November 23rd. Which means the rut had been in for at least 3 weeks already. He was a tank of a buck. He weighed 245 pounds on the hoof. He had lost a little weight which leads me to believe he was probably 270 lbs when I saw him.


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My wife got her first doe and then we got her on her first buck on the next to last day of the season while doe hunting. All we saw were bucks and no does.


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