Well my wife gave it to me early. ThOR-Hd 640x480 in 5x50
Awesome is all I can say
Took it out last night and shot my first hog with it. Now I got to figure out how to download the video from it. I also never realized we had so many armadillos so I will he swapping it to my Ruger 10/22 at some point to work on them.

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Went and shot hogs with thermals last night for the first time. Holy moly is it some kind of fun. I was shocked how close you can get without them paying you any attention.
yes I always used a light before but man what a game changer. Like you said it is crazy how close you can get and how much wildlife you see without spooking anything.
I got to take my new thermal out for a play date last Wednesday night. Nice 225 lb boar.

Pic was taken the next day. I wasn’t meat hunting. I was doing plot protection and wasn’t going to walk around in the woods at night looking for him lol

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Went out late Saturday night to see if I could take care of a few problems. Had a member text me that he had hogs at his feeder on his cell camera but I got the text an hour after he sent it. I still went over and checked on it and a few small ones were still there. Took care of one with a diet nap and rushed on the second one and missed. I got a death grip big pod but had left it in the truck. Probably would have got all three if I had had it so I won’t leave it again. Saw 14 deer that night. It is crazy at night with no lights how comfortable they are with you around. Walked up on one bedded buck that is not going to amount to much ever probably. Probably has pedicle damage if I had to are a few pics from some video I took through the thermal scope.




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Pulled cards on a couple cameras yesterday while I was out spraying some morning glory and some grass that was coming up and starting to dominate my summer plots. Got a few that are going to be nice.





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They are starting to fill out nicely. Here are a couple nice ten points

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This ten might be 3-1/2 we are waiting a little bit to decide if he is 3 or 4 this year. If we decide he is 3 he will get a pass this year

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