Chufa redo


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Had a good 1.5 acre patch of chufa last year. Some weeds but good chufa plants too. Turkey population down. Where they scratched they tore ground pretty good. I tested several spot and found nuts.
So I am sure there are chufa nuts in the ground. What is good process to get them to sprout and grow? I have mowed low and wondering about spraying, lightly discing ???
They will resprout and grow without you doing anything (assuming it rains), but it will come in very thick. Your best bet is to disk the field before a good rain.

I replant every year because if you rely on resprouts the field will be too weedy.
You can disc them as they resprout and the last time you disc them put some fertilizer under them and they will be good.
This is assuming you have a good stand after they resprout. We usually disc them a couple times and put fertilizer to them in June or early july before a rain.