24d traits in non listed 24d trait beans


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I've noticed the past couple years when I have spot sprayed 24d in my bean fields that the beans were set back but then came out well after a couple weeks. They were over sprayed heavily when I targeted the marestail and waterhemp growing in them. Some were hit lightly but some took a bath., the vast majority of the beans hit turned out just fine.

These beans are not the enlist variety.

I had this conversation with a friend of mine who is a farmer and he has noticed the same thing when he sprays his terraces for trees and broadleaves. It has minimal impact on his soybeans. He believes that beans today have developed a 24d resistance or most seeds have the trait but not labeled as such. He is going to use enlist beans next year for his entire farm but he firmly believes 24d impact on beans is not what it once was.

I believe one can get away with spot spraying 24d in one's soybean plots reqardless of stated 24d traits or not. I run a good preemergent program but there are always some late flushes of the above mentioned weeds. Spot spraying, if one has the time is a very economical way to keep bean plots clean.

Just some observations that perhaps those that have beans and broadleaf issues might want to try this. Remember, they are plots not income providers so one can lose a bit of beans. The weed control will ultimately pay off in future years.