Bovine Tuberculosis

Jack Terpack

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Has anyone ever heard of deer becoming infected with bovine TB? A friend just forwarded me an article he was sent on FB that claimed that this disease is spreading amongst deer herds. The article also claims it is highly contagious to individuals dressing out an infected deer. This is a new one on me.
IN had bTB or the fear of it recently as some infected cows where found over near Fayette and Franklin counties. Because of it's ability to spread most DNR's treat it like CWD.....and kill as many deer as humanly possible and monitor and monitor and monitor. I am not sure how contagious it is to humans, but it's very easily spread to other animals..... When it was getting a lot of press here I saw on the internet that several states have isolated pockets of concern. I think MI and MN have had issues before.....
Gotta love the picture they used.... Stupid media.... "Don't shoot a deer that looks like this" and it's not even a whitetail! Its a fallow or axis deer! Well no #$%^ sherlock! If I see a sick deer and shot it.....I'm not going to eat it. if I shot a healthy looking deer and open it up and see something strange....I'm not going to eat it. Hunters do need to be concerned...TB can spread to other animals and to people. When the DNR here found it in cattle they set up a monitoring area and requested that everyone take their deer to be tested. They also shot deer all year long to monitor as well. They killed other critters also to monitor. if they find it in the deer the plan was to eradicate ever deer possible in that zone and the monitoring zone was going to increase further. Most of the info on it here was in the DNR and the state board of animal health.