Another throw and mow ?


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Guys, I have two plots with IC peas that are still going strong. I would say the peas average 18" tall at minimum. They're still green, and the deer are still eating them. I'm planning a throw and mow, (with wheat), in about two/three weeks. Is that gonna be too much thatch ? Do I need to mow close or mow 8"/10" off the ground. My first attempt at throw and mow. Thanks !
That won't be too much thatch. I usually mow pretty low but there's no certain height is has to be mowed at....just try to evenly distribute the thatch and get a good covering across the seed.
I mowed as low as the rotary cutter would allow without hitting the ground or the front edges digging in, about 4".
Thanks guys, gonna see in a couple weeks . If the seed doesn't germinate, I'll still have time to plant the conventional way, but I really want this to work.
A little late now and certainly Crimson & Camo has the most experience with this, but the year I had a great crop of copweas (only one year, before deer ate them all), I broadcast wheat into the standing cowpeas and just let the deer eat away at them. When the first frost hit, it killed the cowpeas and left the wheat.

image.jpeg Well, throw and mow only works here if you're a hog. I visited my place Sunday and saw the hogs had been snuffling all over the plots. Brought my tractor back from another place today and took a closer look. I couldn't find a single seed in the one plot that I looked closely at. Nothing but semi-dried pea vines. So, I lightly disced and planted again and cultipacked the heck out of it. I left my sweaty t-shirt hanging on the exclusion cage hoping to keep them at bay, and believe me, it was plenty sweaty after tearing pea vines out from my disc blades and axles !:mad:
image.jpeg Re-seeded the other plot the conventional way, but first, got rid of the dang pea vines. I borrowed a rake from a friend of mine and made short work of that. Disced lightly, seeded, dragged and cultipacked. I didn't get a pic of the finished plot, but it looks just like this except it has stripes in it:). Through until spring !
image.jpeg image.jpeg After discing lightly, re-seeding, dragging, and cultipacking, I finally wound up with a crop ! The top pic is a plot planted the conventional way the first time. The bottom pic is a re-do. I got a little over an inch of rain just a few days after planting the last one.