Additional Fertilizer


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KNOCK ON WOOD, my plots have never looked better, even with the lack of rain, my two biggest plots are doing really well (total 2.5 acres) I planted PTT, radishes, and rye. The rye might be a little heavy in spots but the radishes and PTT are about 6inches in height right now, Planted July 18th. My question is, I would like to add some additional fertilizer!. I have a pull behind spreader for the wheeler. Do I just drive thru the plot crushing plants? Throw it by hand? Next question what fertilizer do I use? The same as when I planted or something different (plant specific???) And finally when do I do it??? Before a rain, anything??? I have never been in this situation before. I have had good growth before but not like this. I will say this, with a tight budget this year I didn't put down as much fertilizer as I have in the past (figures)

So I guess the question is do I leave them as is, not to screw something up an ruin what I got????

If you’ve got a 1/2” or more rain in the forecast, I’d spread 100lbs of urea. The brassicas will explode. I’ve spread with a a 8000lb tractor at 6weeks with no ill affect.
Not sure if we got 1/2" of rain or not but we did get "some" rain last night. Fingers crossed it did the job.

Side note, I have been planting for many years, a lot a wasted effort, money, and time........ But with all of the help, guidance, suggestions, success and failures of others has taught me a lot about this farming for wildlife. I really do enjoy it and when I see the "success" I have this year it makes it worth it. I don't measure success by inches, its by setting out with a plan and having that plan become reality. 2.5 acres of fall and winter food for the local herd is growing well. Hope it keeps growing!!!! Thank you