2023-24 Trapping


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I had to break out the traps this year after taking a couple of years off. I focused mainly on otters since they are decimating my fish pond. So far I’ve caught 5 in conibear 280s and 330s. I’ve also caught 5 coons in the otter sets.

Last night I set 11 dog proof traps and caught 5 coons.




How are you setting up the traps for the otter? Are you setting them where they routinely enter the pond? We have two ponds. The neighbor to the north has a pond. The neighbor to the south has two ponds also. I have seen otter in both my ponds, but never on a consistent (thank goodness) basis. The neighbor to the south has stocked his pond with channel catfish and an otter or two has recently started eating the 2-4 pound catfish. He keeps his pond mowed so there is no telling where the otter are entering. Any advice?

Are you doing anything with the otter or raccoons?
I set their slides. There is a large otter toilet with slides on both sides - one is a fresh water pond and the other side is the salt marsh.

It’s a numbers game for me. I set as many traps as possible and leave them out until the otters show up. I’ve caught 5 and there are at least 2 more that visit the pond.

The coons are either thrown away or given to some locals who eat them. Otters get skinned.

Here’s an old thread I started :

Is the otter population that high or do they just really like your place?
Both? I’m right on the marsh in the SC Lowcountry, so there is endless habitat for them to live in. They come to my pond because it’s easy pickings for tasty freshwater fish.