Help! Big buck lost

I admire your persistence.
One thing that had me shaking my head was the fact that you only took three rounds of ammo with you into the field. "Failing to prepare is preparing to fail" (Benjamin Franklin)

Thank you but my moral is starting to fade, I even went again this morning, I want to quit so bad but I can’t. The bullets was a big mistake, I thought I had a few more than that but when I opened the box opening morning that’s what I had left, should’ve checked ahead of time, it’s kicking me in the ass now

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It's been years ago, but I believe I read a story of a buck that lived like 10-14 days after a gut shot. It was a very minor hit, and infection killed him.

I’m guessing that’s what this is now, I think I just hit intestine alone, now that I’ve found balls of half digested cud. When I posted this I never believed we would’ve lasted this much longer

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The fact that you keep finding his beds, blood, and bile should give you quite a bit of hope. He is going to die, and if you have is core area narrowed down like it sounds like, you will eventually find him. My biggest fear would be pushing him out of his core area that you have narrowed down. However, it does sound like he is comfortable in this area, and is probably to weak to move any long distance at any 1 point in time.

Thank you, yeah I’m pretty sure I’ve pushed him a bit already, that or his core area was larger than I thought, luckily now I believe I’ve found everywhere he goes

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No never did unfortunately, that is unless somehow he survived. Sucks but hey as big as he was he had years to spread his genes all over this hill, maybe with good management and some luck I might have another chance someday

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Reading back over this entire story there were so many mistakes made it’s hard to focus on one.

1st and Biggest was taking a shot at a deer in and through Thick Brush just because it was a Big One.

I never understand why guys will take a chance on a bad shot on a good deer that they would not take on a “regular” deer.

Hopefully you have learned from this experience and will not repeat it again any time soon.
Ever seen the video of shooting a .223 through a vehicle? I don't worry much about a little brush. Just sayin'. My .30-06 will shoot right through an 8" telephone pole and deep into a 12" re oak behind it without deflection.