1/4" short of a ten but I can hang a ring on it sooooo


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I got up to my NY camp last Sat. I hunted that afternoon but didn't see a thing. Sunday afternoon I got in my spot around 3:00. Settled in with my crossbow and enjoyed the nice weather. At 3:40 this guy came uphill to me which is unusual, they usual head down in the evening to the food. He came in to 40 yards, behind tree and let out a loud breath and started raking a tree and pawing the leaves. He then made a left turn and walked stiff legged right to me. He was quartered towards me smelling the air. I let one ride into his front shoulder. He went about 60 yards straight down hill and died on his feet.

That night I'm trying to figure out what made him act like he did then it dawned on me. I found a nice hemlock to sit against but I needed to get rid of a bunch of overhanging branches. I snapped about 10 branches rather loudly then raked the leaves with my boot. Now this has happened to me twice before this time. The breaking of the branches and raking told this guy a buck was working a tree and he made a beeline right to the sound. A snapping twig is an alarm to them, making noise like I did isn't unusual in his domain I guess.

As I found him

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Great deer and beautiful place! I love the cabin pics.
I've called in more deer by thrashing brush than I have by banging antlers. I don't even take rattling antlers with me anymore. Good job!
Now that I see a pic of it hanging from the side you really get a better feel for how big the frame really is.
You have to love it when you harvest the big buck on the mountain on your second sit.
Again, congrats John!
That Cabin is a little slice of Heaven right here on earth.

Here is Florida I've had so many people tell me that Rattling doesn't work since the Bucks don't fight like that here. Well they never spent a night in a tent on my lease then! I was just laying down to sleep and I heard CRASH. I was like WTH is That?

What followed was a 30 Minutes of Brush Breaking, Palmettos Crashing, Horns Crashing like Rams, like NOTHING I've ever heard before. They stopped for a 5 minute break, then went back at it for another 15 minutes before it ended. I've NEVER heard a Buck Fight like that before.

BTW, Taking a stick and swiping the Dry Leaves like a Turkey Feeding has helped me call in several Spring Toms that were holding up and that sound convinced them the Hen was REAL.
Congratulations on a great NY buck! The camp does look a bit like paradise - very natural looking area - well done!