High Shot On Deer

I’m not arguing or doubting what you saw, I’m just curious how you knew the shot was underneath his spine without having the opportunity to dress him?
Well, I’ve killed and field dressed a bunch of animals and I know where the spine is. 😁. I even spined a Wyoming antelope once with an arrow. That hit was a lot higher than the first one I talked about. I watched the first antelope for thirty minutes through binos trying to figure out how to get another shot at him but the terrain was too open. He was chasing does the next day with dried blood lines down each side. My son and his guide tried to get on him and they saw him chasing does. The hit was definitely below the spine or he would have reacted differently. As I said, I’m not saying it didn’t clip the tops of his lungs, but certainly not enough damage to take his mind off of the girls.
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It’s not possible to slip an arrow below the spine and over the lungs but there are occasions, albeit rare, when lung shot animals survive. Typically this is the result of a single lung shot but that’s not the only scenario.

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