9/10 - GA


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Had an eventful opening weekend that ended in my best bow kill to date. I was able to slip into one of our best early season stands on Sunday afternoon around 5 and had one heck of an afternoon. Throughout the afternoon I had 20+ deer come through with 7 of those being bucks and 2 of them being mature. I had just drawn on a buck with a giant spike on his right side when the buck I ended up shooting also came in. I was drawn on the spike buck for 1m48s according to my GoPro video and I also had a smaller buck that had picked me off when I drew so I was in no mans land. The spike buck needed to take one more step and just wouldn't do it. I finally had to make a move over to the other buck as I simply could not hold back any longer. I was able to make a great shot and he ran 60 yards and piled up.

Truthfully, at the time, I had no idea how big he was. I hadn't had a pic of this buck in a month and had simply written him off as he was on my neighbors a mile from where I was sitting just a few days before. I was thrilled when I shot him, but totally surprised when I walked up on him with his overall size. He ended up weighing 210 lbs. Adding a few pics below including my buck from last year, and the spike buck that was also in there with him.

It was a great afternoon.

bow buck 3.jpgbow buck 2.jpgbow buck 1.jpgspike tyson 1.jpgspike tyson 2.jpg
What a goofy looking rack, I love it. Well done. This whitetail hunting is the best

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