Think I found his home turf

I had a post last week on this buck, I’ve seen his tracks for a few years and could never get a picture of him.
He finally slipped up and needles to say I got excited and really started searching for the area he hangs out in.
After a lot of walking I came across a stand of old growth hardwood that was jaw dropping. Nice open understory that you can see close to 150 yards through and I came upon 4 scrapes in the first few minutes I was in there.
Immediately I had a feeling that I was in the right place, so I hung a camera on a scrape on the trail and headed back out.
After 6 days I had a few pictures come in and there he was following a small 6 point and a doe.
Now fingers are crossed he makes the winter and gives me a chance next fall.
I will hang a stand in January and have to hunt this spot very carefully so I don’t blow my chance.
Any name recommendations? Im
Thinking “Masstown”

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