WWLM Fall Harvest Food plot mix


WWLM Fall Harvest Food plot mix is the perfect food plot for bow and gun season. It is a brassica mix with some perennials as well. Seed is Wisconsin seed that is hand picked for the best production possible and is fresh seed. There is no fillers (grass, weed seed, etc), all seed is meant for deer and other wildlife. The results will speak for itself. Give us a try this season and help out a local business in the process.
1/4 acre = $35
1/2 acre= $45
1 acre= $70

(sugar beets, pt turnips, ? , ? , clover)

link is so you guys can see pictures (pics are from THIS year already!) https://wausau.craigslist.org/spo/6193879904.html
I agree but it doesn't pay to have it get checked out this year. I mean most people are already done buying seed

I will not give out ratios but mix is Sugar beets, turnips, kale, chicory, clover (ladino)
the baseball turnip at end of video should say something to the quality of the seed.... 6-7 weeks only it