winter rye


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this week I filled in bare spots in my plots with oats, and brassicas. I wanted to use winter rye over oats, or in conjunction but the COOP didn't have them yet. I had to settle on a few bags of oats.

1. good news, I have got about 3 inches of rain since putting them down. Just been getting hammered with rain.
2. I also just received a call from the COOP that the winter rye is in. I won't be able to seed at the farm for at least two weeks.

How late can I see winter rye in Ohio?
I'm in very northern Nebraska and I always aim for the first week of September on my winter rye and turnips. I try to plant my radishes around the 20th of August.
Thanks all. I normally plant my brassicas around July 15th. I just have had very good luck with that, I have started to notice that the deer are taking a liking to the brassicas much earlier then they used too. They used to not touch them until snow/cold. Now I have watched 3 deer today walk into plot and eat the tops off them. O well, I guess thats why I plant them anyhow!
I do plan to oversewed with WR in any thin areas in the upcoming weeks, most likely will be right around sept 1st. Give or take a week.