Will a cultipacker kill oats?


So I was too excited to wait and planted some leftover oats back in mid April. They’re coming in pretty good but I want to add some buckwheat to the plot now that soil temps are up. Will running a cultipacker over the 5” tall oats terminate them? I’d like to have both growing. I use a Firminator and my plan was to run the discs straight and just barely breaking the surface so the seed has a spot to drop in to. The motion of the cultipacker is what drives the seeder. It’s an all in one kind of machine. Would appreciate any thoughts or experiences! I’m hoping to go light on the BW seed as long as the oats won’t die out on me. Thanks!
I wouldn’t think it would kill your oats, I have a Woods that is similar to your Firminator and I plant into living plots all the time with no problem.
Just to follow up, I used the Firminator to very lightly disc, seed, and cultipack the standing oats and buckwheat. No negative impact on the standing plants. Matted them down a bit but they bounced right back like nothing had happened.