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I’ve got a real nice crimson and red clover plot that I planted this fall that is still going strong. I know that the clover probably won’t make it through the heat of the Georgia summer. I’m wondering if I should kill it now and plant something that will tolerate the heat or just let it ride. As a side note, there is no shortage of food around as there are several large soybean fields around my parents place.

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Crimson Clover will reseed and Red Clover will keep going as long as it gets a little rain. I've got plots like this that are 3-4 years old. I wouldn't do anything except over seed some chicory on it this fall.
Did you intend for that plot to become a perennial clover plot? What is the primary goal of the plot? While both clovers will survive the summer, with an adequate amount of rain, they won't be providing appreciable nutrients to deer during the worst of your annual stress period. What are you planning for that plot this fall?
No, I didn’t plan on making it a perennial plot, but the clover was doing so well that it didn’t seem like a good idea to till it under and replant. And now that there are beans planted all around it really doesn’t seem like a good idea to plant something else. Just seeing what you all think

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Don't "fix" what isn't broke!

I would not till under a productive plot that is being well used.

If your concerned about the plot fading as summer progresses, maybe be prepared to overseed some oats and peas, but otherwise...if it stays strong....leave it be. You could even consider only planting strips or part of it as well. My intention would be to ensure there is something there to hold their interest....
I second keeping what's there until it expires on it's own. There's plenty enough of habitat work to be done all the time without investing time and energy to terminate fields that are still productive.