Venison from freezer good or bad?

Jessica Hey

New Member
Hello, I have what would probably seam like an easy question. Is my thawed venison good or bad? I have ate deer meat my whole life, our freezer was empty by the next season so I never ran into meat that is more than a year old until now... my boyfriend has meat as far back as 6 years!!! Now I'm a bit picky so I don't want to use it for hearty meals but I thought I would make jerky out of it. However it looks very wierd to me. Very pale where the meat wasn't exposed but very dark where is was? I don't trust it but it could just be me being well picky.
Personally, I think venison over year old is starting to get freezer burnt and not very good.
At this point it would probably be better used as pet food. I have been known to have a few packages that slip to the bottom of the pile and be a couple of years old before being consumed, but I would draw a line at 2 years.
2 years is my max for me if packaged properly. I just thawed out my last backstrap that was from a deer shot in 2014. It was packaged very well and had no freezer burn. Also, when I take my deer to a processor I verify that they wrap the deer in plastic wrap first then freezer wrap. This will help insure no air gets inside and cause the meat to dry out to quickly.
It can go a long time, if packaged right. I use vacuum packer for steaks/roast, and poly bags and a stuffer for burger. I won't venture a guess, but it will last longer than most think if packaged up good and tight. But, if it's discolored and doesn't look "right" I wouldn't be taking chances on it.
Even when packaged good , frozen meat still degrades over time. Freezing just slows the process but, doesn't stop it. As time goes by it may be "alright" but, certainly won't taste very good. I think 6 years is way beyond any usefulness and I wouldn't chance it. In my State, game cannot be kept legally from one season into the next year and it is a violation so I have never run into that particular problem.
I wouldn't hesitate to eat it,you can see if its freezer burnt around the edges or in other areas Cut that off, I go by the color.
6 years? my freezer isnt that big,I cycle through mine quicker than that between fish and deer, elk,& hog.
Our freezer is pretty full of deer from the last 5 years or so. When we have a new one processed we do a rotation and put the newer meat under the older meat. We go by color and have not had any bad meat yet...
Thank you everyone!!! I used it as dog food! I believe I could go as long as two years like you guys say if it's rapped nice and tight.